Estimation of creatinine in serum – Kidney function tests

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Kidney function tests (KFT) It is a collective term for a variety of tests that can be done to evaluate how well kidneys are functioning Many conditions can affect the ability of kidneys to carry out their vital functions , some lead to rapid decline(acute) in kidney functions and others lead to gradual decline(chronic)in function Both chronic and acute result in a buildup of toxic waste substances in the blood Kidney function tests as: Creatinine Urea Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) Uric acid Levels of other elements regulated by kidney as…

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Estimation of alkaline phosphatase in serum – liver function tests


Estimation of alkaline phosphatase in serum Introduction Phosphatase are enzymes which catalyze the splitting of phosphoric acid from certain mono phosphoric esters such as (glycerophosphates and phenyl phosphates) Alkaline phosphatase with a maximum activity at about PH 10 ↚ Principle Alkaline phosphatase in serum acts on the substrate disodium phenyl phosphate  buffered at PH 10 at 37ᵒ to liberate phenol This phenol condenses with 4- amino antipyrine in the presence of alkaline oxidizing agent potassium ferricyanide to give red colored complex which is measured at 520 nm Normal range                 …

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Estimation of Albumin in serum – liver function tests


Estimation of Albumin in serum Introduction ·       Albumin accounts 60% of human plasma protein ·       It binds to water-insoluble substances (as bilirubin, fatty acids , or hormones) ·       Regulate the osmotic pressure of blood ·       Albumin is synthesized by liver using dietary proteins Principle ·       Under acidic conditions , Albumin present in serum sample binds to bromo cresol green to give a blue – green colored complex which read at 630 nm ·       The intensity of color is directly proportional to Albumin concentration Albumin + bromo cresol green…

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Estimation of transaminase in serum as ALT , AST – liver function tests


Liver Function Tests (LFT): are group of clinical biochemistry laboratory blood assays designed to give information about the state of patients’liver. Liver Function Tests as : ALT or GPT [Alanine Aminotransferase] or [Glutamic Pyruvic transaminase] AST or GOT [Aspartate Aminotransferase] or [Glutamic Oxaloacetic transaminase] Albumin Bilirubin Alkaline phosphatase Total protein Estimation of transaminase in serum as ALT , AST Introduction ALT test : ALT is an enzyme normally found inside liver cells  The function of ALT is to convert alanine (A.As) into pyruvate ALT is more spesific for the liver…

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